Keep Your Yard Updated With Routine Help From The Pros


Has your yard been feeling a little dull and outdated? You've spent lots of money on new vinyl siding and made various updates to your home, but what about the surrounding landscape? It may be time for a major yard overhaul. The overgrown cherry blossom in the front, the vines that are taking over your old corner fence — they all need to go. So where do you start? For a fresh, new landscape, call in your landscape maintenance professional. Here's what they can do for you. 

Tear Down Old Trees and Brush

When it comes to yard and landscape maintenance, there is a lot that goes into reviving a tired yard and bringing it up to date. This starts with getting rid of large overgrown trees that may be taking over. Leave the tree trimming to the pros. Overgrown branches can cause issues if they are bending down or touching power lines or gutters on your home. Long branches can also weigh down easily during ice storms or be prone to breakage during periods of high wind. Having a landscape company work with you is a great option. Routine landscape maintenance keeps overgrowth at bay. If needed, they can refer you to a tree service company who can help get rid of extra large or dead trees on your property. A tree service company or arborist can also identify tree problems and recommend what to do moving forward, which may include removal and replacement.

Examine Your Terrain Closely

A landscaping professional will be able to take a close look at your property terrain. They will check for uneven ground and determine if the issue is drainage or damage caused from ground moles or another invading species. Recommendations may be to build a retaining wall to help provide more support to uneven areas or slopes. Adding stone, mulch, and focal points with perennials and fountains are other options to explore that will help accent your yard space. 

Bring in New Plants and Trees

Having an updated yard that stays on trend starts with bringing in new trees and plants. Each year, new varieties of roses, bushes, and flowering plants and trees are introduced through major and private retailers. Landscaping companies are often the first contacts in being shown the new plants for the year. They will take a look at the layout of your yard and determine how many perennials, annuals, shrubs, and vines you may need overall. Then they will replace the old, leggy plants you have with new, fresh, colorful varieties. 

Having landscape maintenance services can tremendously help your yard and home stand out from the rest. Be proud of your yard. With proper upkeep and routine care, you'll have a thriving yard space that your family will love!


7 February 2020

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