Handling Damage To An Oak Tree


The big oak that has been growing on your property for several decades and has previously supported the weight of your children as they swung on a handmade tire swing may be sentimental to you and your loved ones. Dealing with the aftermath of a storm could result in the realization that tree branches are damaged or that the tree's foliage has turned brown. A tree service provider will assess the damage and make recommendations concerning the salvaging or removal needs of the tree.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Trees absorb nutrients through their root systems. Think of a tree's trunk and root system as a network that is vital in moving essential nutrients from the underground root system to the very tip of each branch. When one or more areas are compromised, a tree doesn't receive adequate sustenance.

The physical damage to a tree may be evident immediately after a severe storm, but the lasting effects of this damage may not come into play until several weeks have passed. Because a tree could have a weakened trunk or roots that aren't stable any longer, you and your family members should avoid going near the tree.

Make arrangements to have the tree inspected. If a tree can be salvaged, you may be advised to have some of the limbs removed from the tree. For severe damage that is irreversible, you will need to plan on having the tree removed from your property since a dying or dead tree could ultimately result in the toppling of the oak.

There Are Ways To Soften The Blow

If the tree poses a threat to your property, removal will need to be conducted right away. If the removal won't take place for a couple of weeks and there is no threat of the tree tipping over, maybe you can take some pictures of the tree, as a final reminder of its presence.

Once the tree has been removed, cut up, and hauled away, you may notice small saplings or acorns dotting your property. Saplings or acorns can be used to grow a new tree, in the same spot that the original one stood. If you choose to use acorns for this project, add them to containers that are filled with compost that has been mixed with sand.

Place the containers in a room that doesn't receive direct sunlight and wait for the acorns to germinate. Plant one sapling or a sprouted acorn in the spot where the oak tree was previously growing. Take care of the young tree by watering the property and pruning overgrowth, once signs of maturation are evident.

For further details, reach out to a company like Pete & Ron's Tree Service, Inc.


13 July 2020

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