The Stump Grinding Guide To Makeover Your Landscaping After Tree Removals


If you have had a wood landscape that has been full of trees, removing the trees may have been necessary for your landscaping renovations. Sometimes, the trees also need to be removed to protect your home and areas of your property from damage. After the removal of trees, you are going to be left with stumps. The following guide will help you with stump grinding that needs to be done before you get started with landscaping renovations:

  • Make Sure Stump Grinding Equipment Can Access Stumps—The equipment needs to be able to access the area where stump grinding is being done. Make sure that the area where the stump grinding needs to be done is accessible. If you need to move things or make a temporary ramp, do these things before the stump grinding equipment arrives to avoid wasting time and extra costs.
  • Expose The Entire Stump Before You Have Grinding Done—Sometimes, portions of stumps can be below the surface, and you want to make sure the entire stump is grounded. Therefore, you may want to dig up soil around the stump to ensure that stump grinding equipment can get to all of the stumps when the work is being done. You should make sure that the soil around the stump is even with soils that are at the same elevation of your landscaping.
  • Grinding The Stumps to Turn Them Into Nutrient-Rich Mulch—The stumps are going to be ground and mixed into surrounding soils. This provides a nutrient-rich mulch for the landscaping makeovers you are planning. The mulch can be good if you allow it to decay naturally, but it will not be ideal if you want to plant the area right after the grinding is completed. If you are planning on planting the area soon, you will want to treat the soil to provide nutrients for new growth.
  • Treating the Soils Wear You Plant Over the Ground Stumps—The stumps that you ground into the soil level nutrients in the soil, but the soil is poor and not ideal for planting. This does not really matter for areas where you are planning hardscaping like paths, retaining walls, and patio spaces. In other areas where you are planning on planting new plants, you will want to mix fresh topsoil and fertilizer to promote healthy growth. In addition, you can also keep the area well-watered until the new plants get established to replace the old stumps.

Grinding the stumps needs to be done before you can complete the makeover to your home's landscaping. If you are ready to renovate your landscaping, but there are still stumps in the way, contact a stump grinding service to help make them disappear.


30 July 2020

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