Circumstances That Warrant Mandatory Tree Removal


Do you have trees on your property? Perhaps you only have one tree, and you have grown fond of it because of its beauty. This is often the case for individuals who have one or more older trees on their properties. 

You may have never thought about the issues that you could face from problematic trees. Regardless of your emotional connection, you may not have any choice in the matter of removing certain trees from your property. The following points represent circumstances that warrant immediate tree removal. 

Leaning Trees

This type of issue should be treated as an emergency. It has a high potential of causing bodily injury, death, or property damage. Even if you live in a remote area and only have pets or farm animals, they could also be injured or killed by falling trees. 

There are issues that may cause trees to stop standing upright and start to awkwardly lean. Sometimes trees may lean due them growing towards an area that gets an abundance of sunlight. These healthy trees may not need to get removed. However, close monitoring and routine pruning may be necessary for safety reasons.

Trees may also lean when conditions related to nature exist. These issues may impact the complex tree root growth underground, and it will likely take a professional to properly diagnose the issue. 

Potential of Extreme or Extensive Property Damage

Tree roots can extend underground into areas beyond where they are planted. This can wreak havoc on properties. Some of the damage may distract from the aesthetics of properties. Others can cause significant damage and require professional intervention. Tree roots can cause concrete and paved areas to crack or bulge upwards. Another area that tree roots invade underground is the plumbing systems on properties. They extend into pipes and drainage systems when seeking water to promote growth. 

A tree service contractor is a good resource to use to determine whether a tree needs to be removed for safety reasons. They can also inspect trees to determine whether any health problems exist. If issues are discovered, they may be able to salvage the tree by implementing some intervention methods they have at their disposal.

Some interventions may involve pruning, cabling and bracing, or chemical treatments. Even with these attempts to save trees that property owners do not want to get rid of, tree removal may end up being the end result because some trees are not salvageable for a variety of reasons, such as irreversible or advanced decay.


10 August 2020

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