Tree Trimming And Shade Tree Care To Keep Your Home Safe And Cooler In Summer


During the summer months, the shade trees near your home are invaluable to help keep cool without using a lot of electricity. It is important to care for these trees to protect your home from the heat and damage from the trees. You want the trees to be healthy, and trimming is one of the most important tasks that need to be done. The following tree trimming information will help you care for the shade trees that keep your cool during the hot summer months:

  • Keeping shade trees trimmed away from utilities—The tree branches that are near your home can also cause hazards when they are too close to utility lines. The branches of the shade trees should be cut a safe distance back from any utility lines. Trimming the branches back will prevent problems with utility damage during storms and help keep you safe when you need to do maintenance or repairs on the roof.


  • Trimming the branches of shade trees to give them shape—The branches of shade trees can grow quickly, and they should be trimmed to give the canopy a healthy shape. You want to have any overgrown and awkward branches removed from the canopy to promote healthy growth that makes shade trees stronger.


  • Thinning the canopy of shade trees for sunlight to prevent fungus—Dense tree canopies can block sunlight from reaching the roof and other exterior finishes. This helps keep your home cool, but it can also cause problems with the fungus that damages shingles and other materials. Therefore, it is important that the canopies are thinned enough to allow sunlight through. This will prevent the fungus problems that cause damage and still provide enough shade to keep your home cool in summer.


  • Trimming for storm damage to protect your home from damage—Storms often cause damage to shade trees, but there may not always damage directly to your home. Therefore, you want to inspect your trees for damage after storms and have them trimmed to keep your home safe. Fallen, dead, and weak branches should be removed to prevent storm damage to trees that can cause damage to your home. Regular trimming helps to prevent these problems and protects your home from damage due to fallen branches.

These are the tree trimming needs of the shade trees near your home. If your trees have overgrown canopies and need care, contact a tree care service for help with the trimming that needs to be done.


21 August 2020

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