Four Dangers Of DIY Tree Removal


A hazardous or dead tree on your property needs to be removed, but this isn't usually a job you should try to take on yourself. The following hazards are just some of the reasons why you should call a tree removal service.

1. Power Line Risk

The biggest risk in many tree removal cases is the location of nearby power lines. It only takes one small branch falling into the power line to lead to electrocution, fire, or even death. The danger is even greater if the tree is growing into the power lines as opposed to just being near them. Due to this danger, many municipalities require a permit when removing a tree near a power line, and it may be necessary to notify the power company as well. A tree service will handle these details if they perform the removal.

2. Property Damage

Damage to your property, that of your neighbors, or even public property can occur if a tree isn't removed carefully. The bigger the tree, the greater the danger. Tree removal professionals are trained in methods to control the direction of fall for a tree, as well as techniques for determining every possible outcome. This enables them to properly block off space for the removal and to know what parts of the area require more protection in the event something goes wrong.

3. Equipment Dangers

Tree removal can involve a lot of special equipment. Not only are there the saws, which pose dangers of their own, you may also need to use ladders, climbing equipment and the necessary safety harnesses, wood chippers, and stump grinders. Although many of these items are available to rent, doing so can be quite cost prohibitive and the items are often dangerous to use without training and experience. Further, without training and experience it is difficult to use this specialized equipment in the safest manner possible.

4. Size Challenges

It is possible to removal a relatively small tree safely on your own, but the larger trees are much more dangerous. A professional service will typically bring large trees down in sections. This means that a tech must first climb the tree or use a lift truck to reach the top. They typically begin by first removing all the limbs, but this take skill or the trunk may break prematurely and come crashing down. Then, sections of the tree are roped to pulleys and the trunk is taken down one section at a time from the top down, with the pulleys lowering each section safely to the ground. This is difficult to do without training, the proper equipment, and a sizeable crew.

Instead of taking on risky tree removal yourself, contact a trained and professional tree removal service in your area.


24 September 2020

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