Three Land Clearing Tips


If you are clearing land to build your dream home, then you have quite the project ahead of you. The following tips can help you manage the land clearing properly.

1. Know the Tree Value

If your lot has a lot of trees, it can pay to look into the value of the timber before scheduling land clearing. If there are high-value trees of the proper size for logging, you may be able to make some money by having a timber company come through to remove the trees. Even trees that aren't suitable for standard timber usages may be valuable if you have a local mulch factory or paper mill nearby. Keep in mind that timber companies may pay you for the trees, but they will not do a complete clearing job. You will still need to bring in a land clearing service to remove the brush, shrubs, and stumps that are left behind on timbered land.

2. Secure the Proper Permits

You will typically need a permit to clear land. This applies to both rural and urban lots, and zoning may also impact the type of permits you need. Usually, these permits require land assessments. For example, you will need to have the land surveyed for the presence of wetlands or riparian areas, or the area may need to be assessed to determine whether it is a flood plain. If any of these are the case, there could be restrictions on what can be cleared and by how much. Always work with the local permit and building office before moving forward on any land clearing project.

3. Opt for Full Service

Many land clearing services offer different tiers of clearing. Some come through and simply clear all the trees and brush, leaving the jobs of stump removal or grading to you. Unfortunately, this is often the hardest part of the job so trying to do part of the clearing yourself is a false economy. With the exception of selling the timber, always opt for a full-service land clearing company. The end result will be a completely clear and level building lot that requires very little additional preparation for your project. A full-service company will even haul away the slash and debris after the job is done.

Land clearing is not a DIY job, especially if there are a lot of trees or stumps on your property. Bring in a professional land clearing service for more help. 


25 November 2020

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