Do You Need To Trim The Tree? A Checklist


Not all trees need trimming. Mature trees in open areas can go years without trimming and not suffer any negative consequences. Then again, some trees need to be trimmed every year, and others need to be trimmed every couple of years. So how do you know whether or not your tree needs trimming? One strategy is to work your way down this checklist. If you answer "yes" to any question, then your tree needs to be trimmed.

1. Is the tree 10 years old or younger?

Young trees need annual tree trimming in order to encourage them to develop a healthy and attractive shape. If the tree is 10 years old or younger and has not been pruned in a year, then you should have it trimmed.

2. Is the tree showing any signs of disease?

If you catch disease early and remove the affected branches from the tree, then you can often save the tree and keep the disease from spreading. Spots on the leaves, black sores on twigs, fugal mats on the bark — these are all signs of disease that indicate you should trim the tree.

3. Is it a fruit tree?

Fruit trees should be pruned once a year in order to ensure good fruit production. A good trim will remove old branches that no longer produce fruit and also ensure each branch has enough space around it for good airflow and for the sun to reach the fruit.

4. Is the tree about to grow into a structure or power lines?

If the tree is near your house, garage, the power line, or some other structure, then take a close look at its branches. Generally, if there is a branch that is within five feet of a structure right now, you should have the tree trimmed before that branch gets any closer and starts causing damage.

5. Does the tree have any cracked or breaking branches?

A cracked or broken branch will eventually crack the rest of the way through and fall to the ground if you leave it to its own devices. You really don't want it to harm a person or pet when this happens, so you're better off having the tree trimmed to remove these damaged branches.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of whether or not your tree needs trimming. Not every tree needs trimming every year, but it's vital to trim the trees that do require this attention.


12 January 2021

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