Bored During Quarantine? Plant Some Trees


It can be very easy to become bored while in quarantine from the COVID-19 virus, but there are many things you can do now while you have extra time. One of these things is planting a few trees in your yard. This can be fun to do and you can enjoy learning how to care for them and watching them grow. Below is some information to help you get started.

Why Plant Trees

There are many reasons why it is a good idea to plant trees in your yard. If planted strategically, they can shade your home, which can help with your energy bills during the hot summer months. They can also help block cold winds during the winter.

Trees increase the value of your home's property, as they can add a lot to your landscaping. People will be pleased if they are shade trees that shade your home. Trees help with soil erosion, as the rain does not directly hit the ground but instead has to go through the tree first. 

Types of Trees

Before you choose a tree, do some research to see what grows well in the area where you live. A garden center can also help you with this. There are common trees you will find in almost every state, however.

One tree is the oak tree, and the Nuttall oak grows faster than other types. This tree will provide you with a leafy and large canopy, which makes it shady, and animals can also have a supply of food from your trees as well as they produce a lot of acorns. This is especially true for squirrels you may have in your neighborhood.

If you like a lot of colors, then the sugar maple can provide you with this. The leaves will turn bright orange and yellow during the fall months. The tree can also provide shade for you and your family.

Tree Care

Hire a tree service contractor to help you choose and plant your trees. This will ensure you plant the right trees and that the trees will start growing well. The tree service can then tell you how to properly care for your trees. This will include watering them well after you first plant them for a couple of weeks, and then the rain can provide the water after that. You will also need to fertilize the trees.

Once the trees start growing tall, they will need to be trimmed at times. This is because the canopy can become very full and water or sun will not be able to get through. This can affect the health of the tree. The tree service contractor can tell you of diseases you need to watch out for with the type of trees you plant.

The tree service company can give you much more helpful information.


21 January 2021

A Tree For Every Yard

Elm, ash, walnut, maple, apple — these are all gorgeous trees, but they all have their own preferences in terms of care. Maple trees, for example, need to be pruned later in the season once their sap has begun flowing. Elm trees should be pruned in winter when insects aren't around in order to protect them from the emerald ash borer. A good tree care company will treat each of your trees as individuals, customizing care to their own specific needs. Still, it's important that you, as the tree owner, understand those needs, too. Read the articles on your website, and you'll soon have a pretty good grasps on the basics of tree care.