What Can An Arborist Do That A Tree Trimmer Can't?


When you start looking for someone to care for your trees, you will soon find that there are two major types of tree care professionals. There are tree trimmers, and then there are arborists. It's important to know the difference to ensure you hire the right person for the job. If you just need a generally healthy tree trimmed, then you can hire a tree trimmer. But if you need any of the following services performed, you'll want to look for an arborist.

Reshaping and Therapeutic Trimming

A tree trimmer can change the tree's shape a little bit or encourage it to maintain a certain shape, but if your tree needs a more extensive, therapeutic trimming, you are better off calling an arborist. The more growth you have to take off the tree, the more careful you need to be about which branches, in particular, you remove. An arborist will be better able to extensively reshape the tree without causing it harm. People often call an arborist if they think their tree needs an entire limb removed or if the tree has been neglected and is sprawling all over when it needs to be contained.

Bracing and Cabling

If your tree has a cracked limb or large branch, then an arborist can perform a service known as cabling and bracing. Basically, they will use a system of rods and cords to tie the limb in place and secure it, giving the tree time to heal. Cabling and bracing can save a tree's limb and also remove the risk of the damaged limb falling on someone or something, but it is a precise art and science that requires the knowledge of an arborist.

Fungal Treatment

If you suspect your tree has a fungal disease because it has spots on its leaves, cankers on the trunk, or brackets on its roots, you need to call an arborist. Tree trimmers sometimes offer basic fungicide sprays, but these are not always the right treatment option — it depends on the exact type of fungi you're dealing with. An arborist can diagnose the disease and recommend the best treatment, which may be fungicide injections, sprays, or even just removing the affected branches.

For a basic tree trim, you can call a tree trimmer. But for anything more than that, call an arborist. They are basically doctors and surgeons for trees, and they offer a wide range of beneficial services.

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17 February 2021

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