Tree Crown Lift: Approaches To Ensure That It's Done The Right Way


Crown lifting is a pruning method where an arborist cuts the branches at the bottom of a mature tree. This is designed to uplift the canopy of your trees. One of the main reasons to undertake crown pruning is that it can improve the health of the adjacent plants and trees. This pruning approach also increases your tree's health by transferring energy to different areas. When you call an arborist for tree lifting, they'll take different approaches to ensure it's done correctly. Learn more in this guide.

They'll Access the Condition of Your Tree

When an arborist visits your property for crown lifting, they'll begin by accessing the condition of your tree. If it's in great health, they'll check the tree height and mark where the crown lift should go. Depending on your tree's growth, they may have to trim it from the bottom or cut through several layers. For some trees, trimming can help remove limbs to enable effective mowing and allow enough light to reach your yard.

They'll Make Cuts at the Branches Below the Tree

As your professional undertakes crown lifting, they will start by cutting the branches on the lowest part of your tree. It's advisable to begin by making a small cut on the underside of the branch and do the same on the top. This is designed to ensure the weight of the tree doesn't tear the tree, resulting in extensive damage.

They'll Ensure Cuts Are Done Correctly

When making cuts on your tree, your arborist will ensure they're done correctly. They'll ensure that the cuts are done in a slightly slanted position. The cut will also be made a few millimeters from the trunk. This is designed to ensure that water drains with ease. This is also one of the ways to ensure that your tree trunk doesn't experience any dieback. Such cuts also play a huge role in ensuring that wounds heal and dry properly.

They'll Chop Large Branches in Phases

You should expect your arborist to cut the large branches in phases. They'll begin by chopping the branches from the tip as they gradually closer to the main trunk. Doing this helps minimize the strain on your tree, reducing the chances of tearing. While cutting the branches, they'll move around the tree to ensure it is balanced.

Crown lifting is important in ensuring that your home has a great visual appeal. To ensure that this tree pruning approach is made correctly, your arborist will consider the few things shared in this guide.

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25 August 2022

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