Learn About Stump Grinding


If you've had a tree cut down, you don't want to leave the stump in place. This can cause a lot of problems for you. You can read more about some of the issues that you could deal with if the stump is left in place. You'll also be educated on why stump grinding may be a good option: 

Problems with aesthetics

If you've put a lot of time, effort, and money into your landscaping, then you don't want to have a big stump sitting in the middle of the yard. This can create a negative focal point that gets a lot of attention, instead of drawing attention to the beautiful focal points you've created. Stump grinding will grind down that stump. They generally grind the stump down below the surface of the ground. This allows you to throw soil over it and add some sod, flowers, or something else in that spot. 

Concerns over safety 

A stump in the middle of the yard isn't always very visible, especially at night. This means it can create a big tripping hazard right in your yard. If you have kids that play in the yard, then they can get really hurt while trying to run around on the lawn. By having that stump ground down and covered, you can take away that safety hazard. 

Issues with equipment damage

When you have a stump in your yard, it can also create a problem for your lawn equipment. The stump can damage the equipment, so it needs repairs or even full replacement. For example, if you were to go over part of the stump with your lawn mower, then it can cause damage to the blades. 

Why stump grinding is a good option

Stump grinding is a process that can be done quickly. This means you won't have to have people working in your yard for very long. In most cases, you can go out a couple of hours after and start working on covering the area where the stump was, so you can get your yard looking great again.

Stump grinding leaves you with a spot you can cover. It means reducing the chances of the accidents previously mentioned, keeping your equipment in good working order, and also preventing pests from flocking to your yard, such as carpenter ants and termites. These pests will come to eat away at the stump. Once it's no longer attractive to them, they will look for other wood that's close by, and this can include your home or your wood fence.

Contact a local stump grinding service to learn more. 


26 September 2022

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