Make Pool Ownership Easier With Tree Removal


You may not have a winning combination if you have a swimming pool in your yard and several large trees. Just because you were able to construct the pool around the existing trees does not mean that the trees should remain in place. In fact, keeping the trees can cost you more time, money, and hassle than you anticipated.

Pool Cleanliness

Once you installed your pool, you probably quickly discovered that there is work involved with enjoying a pool, which comes in the form of regular cleaning. It does not matter what species of tree is on the property; having a tree near a pool will lead to extra debris in the water, which will make keeping the pool clean a laborious task. Trees are often home to a variety of insects and animals, both of which could also land in your pool water. 

Operating Costs

Removing trees from around your pool can also mean lower operating costs in several ways. For instance, the more debris and wildlife in your pool, the more likely you are to use more chemicals to balance the water. Also, especially in the spring or early summer, the shade from the trees will lower the temperature of the water. As a result, you will have to heat the pool to make the water more comfortable if you want to use it, which requires more energy use. 

Root Expansion

The roots of a tree are never stagnant, especially when it comes to large trees. As the tree matures, its need for nutrients also increases, often leading to its root system expanding. With a very large tree, it is not unheard of for its root system to extend several feet away from the pool. Tree roots are strong, and as a result, over time, they can press into the concrete shell of the pool. Eventually, this pressure can lead to cracks that bring about leaks and costly repairs.  

Equipment Protection

The filters, pumps, and other equipment needed to operate a pool can easily cost thousands of dollars. An excess number of trees near the pool area can put this equipment at risk. For example, if a sizeable limb falls from the tree and hits the motor, it could cause irreparable damage to the equipment, prompting the need for a replacement. It is also worth noting that tree roots can also expand towards the equipment pipes and cause damage. 

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24 March 2023

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