Why Remove A Tree When You Can Mulch It?


Tree removal doesn't have to mean the outright removal of a tree from your yard. Sometimes the tree (despite no longer standing) can be put to use at home. But the tree is now lying on its side, or on pieces on your lawn, so what further use could it have? 

Your Reasons for Removal 

A tree may have been partially uprooted due to inclement weather, or it may have grown too large to safely remain at its current location, or it may simply have been removed due to esthetics—as in, you no longer liked the look of the tree. In many similar circumstances, a tree service company will either fell the tree or remove it in sections. The stump can be excavated, and it's as though the tree was never there. But perhaps the tree should stick around, in a manner of speaking.

Onsite Tree Mulching

The tree can certainly be removed, but full-service tree experts should be able to process the tree onsite, converting it to mulch. This mulch is ideal for landscaping and contains valuable nutrients that can be utilized to improve the overall health of your garden. Once felled, the tree will be dissected into manageable sections and processed in an onsite mobile wood pulper, creating a pile of instant mulch. This pile can then be used when needed.

Uses for Mulch

Spreading tree mulch around your garden creates valuable protection for the plants in your garden. It insulates the soil, protecting plant life from temperature variations (heat waves and cold snaps). It also helps prevent evaporation, allowing soil to retain moisture and other nutrients. A blanket of mulch can even help to keep weeds in check. As the mulch begins to decompose, it will fertilize the underlying soil, creating a slow-release nutrient delivery system. 

A Cost-Effective Outcome

Sure, there will be an additional fee involved for onsite mulching, but you will avoid the cost of having the tree hauled away, so the cost of mulching shouldn't be prohibitive. In fact, when you consider the potential cost of purchasing new mulch, you could end up saving some cash by processing the tree at home.

Of course, a tree that was removed due to insect infestation or a fungicidal infection cannot be mulched and will need to be removed in its entirety. But all other felled trees can have a second use—and it may be fun to watch that wood pulper at work.

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25 May 2023

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