4 Circumstances When You Should Consider Scheduling Tree Removal Services With Crane


Tree removal can be a difficult task, especially when large trees are involved. The height and weight of the tree, combined with any nearby buildings, make it dangerous for a person to tackle alone. In such cases, you should consider hiring professional tree removal services with cranes.

Here are four circumstances where scheduling tree removal services with a crane is necessary:

Unstable Trees

Unstable trees, like dead or rotting trees, should be removed as soon as possible to prevent them from falling on property or people. When a tree is unstable, it can be too dangerous for a person to climb and remove the tree themselves, so using a crane is the best option.

A crane can lift the tree away from the area and then lower it to the ground, where it can be safely removed. If the tree is too tall to remove in one piece, a crane can break it into smaller sections for easier removal.

Trees Near Power Lines or Buildings

If there are power lines nearby or buildings that could be damaged if the tree falls the wrong way, you should consider hiring professional services with a crane. A crane allows you to control the direction of the tree as it is being removed, ensuring no damage is done to nearby structures.

It is also safer for workers because they don't have to climb the tree and risk electrocution from power lines. The crane can lift them to a safe distance so they can safely remove the tree without hurting themselves or others in the

Tree Too Close To Building

When a tree is too close to a building, such as a home or business, it can pose a threat if not removed properly. For example, if a tree falls the wrong way, it could cause serious damage and injury to anyone nearby.

Using a crane is a safe way to remove a tree too close to a building. It allows workers to have better control over the direction of the falling tree, ensuring it won't fall on any structures nearby.

Tree Too Big For Regular Removal

Overgrown trees can pose a threat to your property if they are not removed. Trees that are too large for traditional removal methods, such as dragging or pushing, require using a crane to remove them safely.

Using a crane allows you to break down the tree into smaller pieces that can be more easily removed. This is especially helpful if you need to move the tree through a tight space, such as a gate or overhang.

Removing a tree safely and efficiently is not always easy. If you have a tree that is too close to a building, too big for regular removal methods, or just falls the wrong way, using a crane can be your best option. Contact a professional who is trained in crane operations to ensure the job gets done safely and correctly. To learn more about tree removal with crane, contact a professional tree removal service near you.


24 July 2023

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