When Is It A Good Idea To Have A Peach Tree Removed?


Having a peach tree in your yard is usually seen as an asset. Indeed, it can be nice to have fresh peaches to pick every summer. However, peach trees are not always the healthiest of trees. Often, they can be kept healthy with proper trimming and spraying, but sometimes these measures are not enough. If the tree becomes ill or otherwise bothersome, having it removed is generally the best solution. Here are some more specific signs you may want to have your peach tree removed.

The peaches are covered in fungal patches.

There are many fungal diseases that affect peach trees. Most will only cause splotches and spots on the leaves and will be treatable with fungicides. However, if your peach tree gets a disease called peach rot, it may cause large fungal patches to form on the fruit. These patches extend through the peaches, cause them to rot, and make them inedible. Furthermore, they cause the tree to drop its peaches prematurely, which can make quite a mess. Peach rot sometimes responds to fungicides, but other times, you'll treat the tree a few times and nothing happens. If you don't want to keep cleaning rotten peaches out of your yard indefinitely, removing and replacing the tree is often best.

The tree has lost a major limb.

Peach trees only have a few major limbs. If a tree loses one of these limbs, it may begin looking lopsided and uneven. If this does not bother you, then you can often have the tree slowly trimmed and rehabbed. It may or may not even out and balance itself again in a few years. If you don't want to be this patient, or if the tree truly looks like it will fall over in a wind gust, then having it removed is often wise.

The tree has multiple dead branches.

A dead branch here and there is pretty normal. But if multiple branches are dead and dying, your tree likely has a more serious fungal disease. Other trees can sometimes come back from such an infection, but peach trees are not overly hardy and often succumb to disease once it reaches this stage. Have the tree removed sooner rather than later, and you'll help reduce the spread to other nearby peach trees.

If your peach tree is not in great shape, have a tree company come look at it. They can tell you whether the tree can be saved, or whether you should just remove it. 

For more information, contact a local tree removal company


25 October 2022

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