The Benefits Of Having A Tree Trimmer Come To Your Home Annually


Some people wait until they're having an issue with their trees to call a tree trimmer. Others have the tree trimmer come out annually regardless of their trees' current condition. This more preventative approach has a few key benefits. Here are a few reasons to consider having a tree trimmer come to your home annually.

You'll have fewer fallen branches to clean up

Do you have to walk through your yard and clean up branches before you mow the lawn? If you have your trees trimmed annually, you won't have to do as much of this. The branches that break off are typically those that are old, brittle, or positioned in a way that makes them weak. Tree trimmers seek to remove such branches when they do their jobs. They'll remove these branches so the wind doesn't!

Your roof may remain in better condition

Do you have any trees that are near your roof or overhanging it? If so, having a tree trimmer address them every year will be good for your roof. A roof may develop moss or algae if it is too heavily shaded by tree branches. Tree branches can also scrape against the roof and remove shingle granules. Think of annual tree trimming as a part of your roof maintenance. 

Your trees will look nicer

Picture two trees. The first is tidy with branches evenly spaced and nicely shaped around its trunk. The second has branches sticking out in every direction, and maybe some uneven growth. Which tree would look nicer in your yard? Most people would agree that the first, tidy tree looks better. Have a tree trimmer come out annually, and your trees will look more like that first tree. This can be a real advantage if you ever try to sell your home. Buyers appreciate that curb appeal.

Diseased growth will be removed

Tree diseases are often caused by fungi. The fungi can infect just a branch or two at first. If those branches are removed, you can often prevent the disease from spreading to the rest of the tree. So, having a tree trimmer come annually and remove any diseased branches can keep your trees healthier overall.

Having a tree trimmer come to your home annually is a smart idea. Call a tree company in your area, and set up your first appointment. The work they do will impact you in so many positive ways.

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6 February 2023

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