When To Leave Tree Removal To The Experts


Tree removal can be a dangerous job, and even a single wrong move can have devastating consequences. Some homeowners may feel capable of tackling this job on their own, but it's important to know when the best course is to leave it to a professional.

There are certain instances when it's definitely not worth the risk of attempting tree removal yourself. Read on to discover when it's best to call in the pros.

The Tree Is Dangerously Close to Your Home

Sometimes trees become dangerous because they're damaged or diseased, posing a risk to anyone who might come near them. It's tough to predict how a diseased tree might behave during removal, making it a far better idea to call in the experts. Some trees might even break off in multiple directions during removal, causing them to fall in an unpredictable fashion.

Similarly, if a tree is leaning toward your home or is dangerously close to nearby powerlines, you might not be able to safely remove the tree yourself. There's a huge chance that it could fall on your roof or powerlines, creating a hazardous situation. You might even get injured in the process.

Trees with large dead limbs or appear unstable in any way should also be left up to professionals since cutting down these trees requires skill and precision. Keep in mind that some older trees can still be dangerous and require more experience to take down safely. They often have large, powerful roots that can be difficult to remove if you don't know what you're doing.

The Tree Is Unusually Large

Many people don't realize the immense size that some trees can reach, and this is especially true for certain species, such as oak or maple. These large trees with thick trunks and deep roots are more difficult and time-consuming to take down than small ones. So unless you have experience with this kind of work, you shouldn't try tackling such a project on your own.

Not only do large trees require special tools and techniques for safe removal, but they can also cause far greater destruction if not cut down correctly. They're heavier and require more personnel on-site to manage the job, so it's best to leave them to professionals.

The Trees Is on a Sloped Area

If you need to remove a tree from a sloped area such as a hill or cliff face, then this is another situation where you should leave the job up to experts.

Working on uneven surfaces presents its own set of challenges, like the risk of the tree falling in an unpredictable direction or the soil shifting during removal. It's also difficult to maneuver heavy machinery on a slope and may require special tools and techniques that only a professional would have. 

For more information on tree removal, contact a professional near you.


6 March 2023

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