The Most Important Reasons To Choose Professional Tree Removal


Homeowners with unwanted trees might be tempted to cut them down as a do-it-yourself project. This decision is often based on trying to save money. They may also base their decisions on the premise that the trees are unwanted without plans to salvage or replant them. These assumptions could cause issues for homeowners who decide to DIY. The following points identify important reasons why it is best to get professional tree removal services.  

Protect Other Plants and Trees

Amateur attempts to remove trees may end up causing damage to plants such as damage to nearby flowerbeds, gardens, or shrubberies. This can occur when incorrect techniques are used. It is possible for branches to land and cause damage. If it is a large tree, an amateur may not take the time to assess the direction the tree will land when it is cut down. 

Protect General Safety

There are a variety of reasons that homeowners decide on tree removal. There are often serious issues such as a dying tree. This means that there is a chance of large branches falling off during the removal process. These could land on a person or pet and cause injuries. The tree might also end up landing in an undesired pattern and cause injury or property damage. Tree professionals have the experience, equipment, and manpower to preserve general safety. This can protect against the unnecessary filing of home insurance claims. 

Protect Home's Foundation

Professional tree removal involves ensuring that all traces of the tree are removed. An amateur removal might leave behind the tree stump or an aggressive root system. These parts of the tree may appear to be dormant yet continue to thrive. The roots may eventually extend and grow beneath a home and cause extensive damage to the foundation. The cost of foundation repairs is likely to exceed what the property owner would have paid to get the tree removed by a professional. 

Save Time

Tree removal is often a labor-intensive endeavor. It can take days or many hours for an amateur to remove a tree alone. They may later discover that they did not do it correctly, which will mean more time trying to correct their mistakes. In the long run, they may end up needing to hire a professional to finish what they started.

A tree services company is the best resource to use for tree removal. They can offer more insight into why it is not a good idea for untrained individuals to attempt to remove trees on their own.

Contact a local tree removal service, such as Alaska Hydro Ax Land Clearing, to learn more. 


13 April 2023

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