When to Call for Emergency Tree Services


Trees are an essential part of nature, providing everyone with fresh air, shade, and beauty. Nevertheless, trees that have become overgrown or have been damaged by severe weather can present a hazard to your property and those in your vicinity. Although some tree problems can wait, certain situations require urgent attention from professional tree services. Here are some of the various situations that call for emergency tree services.

Fallen Trees: Strong winds and heavy rainfall can cause large trees to fall, blocking driveways and roads or even hitting buildings. Fallen trees can create hazardous conditions, especially if they are in the middle of the road or close to power lines. In such situations, it is important to call an emergency tree service immediately to remove the tree and prevent further damage.
Damaged Trees: Trees that have suffered from lightning strikes, severe weather, or pest infestations can pose a risk to your property. Large, hanging branches or weak trunks can break off and fall, causing injury or damage to your property. If you notice any damage to your trees, reach out to a professional tree service for an assessment. They can determine whether the tree needs to be removed or pruned to avoid further harm.
Leaning Trees: Trees that are leaning or bending at an unusual angle can be a sign of structural damage or weakened roots. These trees can fall over at any time, causing significant damage or injury to people or property. If you suspect your tree is leaning, call an emergency tree service to inspect the tree and advise on the best course of action to take.
Cracked or Split Trees: Trees that have visible cracks or splits can be dangerous as they can fall apart at any time. Cracks or splits can be a result of old age, disease, or storm damage. If you observe any cracks or splits on your trees, it is advisable to contact a professional tree service. They are capable of assessing the severity of the damage and recommending the most appropriate course of action.
Power Outages: Trees that interfere with power lines can cause a power outage or even trigger an electrical fire. When you notice any trees or branches touching power lines, do not try to remove them yourself. Call your power company first to turn off the power, then call an emergency tree service to remove the branches or trees safely.

If you observe any of the mentioned signs, don't hesitate to reach out to an emergency tree service for immediate help. Taking prompt action can prevent additional damage and ensure the safety of your home and those around you. Always remember to stay safe and never attempt to remove trees on your own.

A 24/7 emergency tree services company will assist you with your tree services needs. 


8 September 2023

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