4 FAQs About Tree Pruning Mishaps


Tree pruning is not always easy for those unfamiliar with the process. There are rules to follow to avoid pruning mishaps. Mistakes can lead to tree damage and tree death. How do you know if your tree can survive a pruning mishap? Does a mistake mean a tree won't ever completely recover? Here are answers to some FAQS about bad pruning experiences. Can Over-Pruning Kill a Tree? Over-pruning won't kill the plant, especially if it's just a one-time mistake.

2 March 2022

What To Do About Fallen Trees After A Hurricane


When a hurricane hits land, it leaves a lot of destruction in its wake. One of the most common types of destruction that it leaves in its wake is fallen trees. Fallen trees can cause other damages in their wake as well, leading to home and property damage.   Contact Your Insurance Company  Once a tree falls on your property, you will want to get out your camera and document the damage.

27 January 2022

How To Know If It's Time To Have A Tree Removed


Even if you love having trees in your yard, there may come a time in which you really need to have one or more removed. If you want to make sure that you are well aware of the signs that it is time for tree removal services, you will want to continue to read the following. The Tree Is Starting To Lean To One Side When a tree starts to change its positioning, it is time to think about calling for tree service.

14 December 2021

Timber! 6 Tree Species That Can Wreak Havoc On Nearby Buildings


A single tree can breathe life into a small outdoor space. And in the right place, a tree can remain healthy and vigorous for many decades to come. But while some tree species are ideal for yards and gardens with nearby houses and structures, others can be destructive. Over time, the following trees can damage nearby buildings, and eventually, tree removal may become a necessity. 1. Eucalyptus Mature eucalyptus trees have huge root systems that can stretch much further than their canopies.

8 November 2021

Working With A Tree Service To Prune And Trim Large Trees On Your Property


When dealing with the trees around your property, you may only be able to trim or prune them partially because you can't safely reach the top, or you may not be confident enough to trim any of them correctly. Hiring a tree pruning service to come and attend to those trees is often the safest way to ensure they are maintained and remain healthy and strong. Tree Pruning Tree pruning is a normal part of keeping the trees on your property healthy and thriving.

27 September 2021

How to Adequately Prepare for a Tree Removal Service


Do you have a tree that's posing a danger to your house or electric lines? Well, you need to have the tree removed immediately. While you might not be in a position to remove the tree by yourself, you still need to get ready for the process. Tree removal isn't easy at all, and it requires you to do thorough preparations. Of course, the preparations will also be affected by the tree's location.

25 August 2021

Why Should I Hire Tree Removal Services?


Did you know that falling trees are responsible for over 100 deaths in the U.S. every year? While trees are a source of beauty and clean air, they can also be pretty dangerous if not well maintained. This is why tree removal services are so important. However, tree removal is not something you should do yourself or just entrust to a handyman, as it could have multiple safety implications. Here are three reasons you should let a tree removal expert handle the job.

14 July 2021